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Posters and photos from the classic 1980's movie Back to the Future. This great movie stars Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly,  Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown, Lea Thompson as Lorraine Baines McFly , Crispin Glover as George McFly , Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen, James Tolkan as Mr. Strickland, and Billy Zane as Match.  Back to the Future's storyline is about a teenager that travels back in time to the 1950's in a time machine on a Delorean.


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Back to the Future (1985)
By Chad Stroh

Marty McFly, a 17-year old high school senior visits his eccentric scientist friend Dr. Emmett Brown. He finds an empty house but gets a phone call from Doc telling him to meet up with him that night. After school that day, Marty and his girlfriend walk through town square where a woman asks them for donations to restore the clock tower on the courthouse. The clock has been stuck in the same place for 30 years. During dinner that night, Marty's mother tells the story of how she and George McFly met after George accidentally hit her with a car.

Later that night, Marty meets up with the Doc at the local Twin Pines Mall. Doc reveals that he built a time machine out of a DeLorean DMC-12 car. The time machine is powered by plutonium and works by use of something Doc calls the flux capacitor. For the time machine to work right, the car must be traveling at least 88 miles per hour. Libyan terrorist angered about stolen plutonium force Marty to accidentally send himself back 30 years to 1955.

Stuck in 1955, Marty accidentally changes the outcome of the future by changing the course his small little town's history. He must find a way to save himself from being erased out of time before returning to 1985. Marty finds Doc, 30 years younger, and learns that a bolt of lightning is the only thing strong enough power source to make the time machine work again. Marty knows that the clock tower will be struck that upcoming Saturday and Doc begins figuring out a way to harness the lightning bolt's power. Time is the only thing in their way.
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The Classic 1980s Sports Car - The De Lorean
By Michael Russell

One of the most famous classic sports cars of the 1980s is certainly the De Lorean DMC-12. The sports car is popular and mainly well known not for its specs, but for its appearance in the Back to the Future trilogy, which is a famous movie series from the 1980s that was directed by Robert Zemeckis. The movie was based around the idea of time traveling, and it just so happened that the De Lorean DMC-12 was the time machine in the movie. The writers of the show decided to use the De Lorean DMC-12 mainly because of its odd appearance.

The De Lorean can be easily spotted because of its unique stainless steel body designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and gull-wing style doors. With the gull-wing doors open, the sports car almost looked like a car with wings. Although the car was produced in Europe, it was designed by John De Lorean, the founder of the De Lorean Motor Company, with the American marketplace in mind.

The performance of the car was considered disappointing because when it was being made, the De Lorean had to deal with many new American emissions regulations. The horsepower of the car only ended up being around 130 horsepower after it was all said and done. The sports car was sold at $25,000, which would translate into about $55,000 in modern dollars. Before it was actually released, many car fans were willing to pay above the price. Once the car company went bankrupt, however, the price of the cars dropped.

The DMC-12 is the only car model ever created by the De Lorean Motor Company, so the De Lorean DMC-12 is often just referred to as the "De Lorean". It was originally manufactured in just two years, 1981 and 1982, so there were approximately only 9,000 De Loreans ever produced. The reason why it only had a lifetime of two years is because the De Lorean Motor Company went bankrupt soon after John De Lorean was arrested in 1982 with charges of drug trafficking. In 1984 he was finally found out to be not guilty due to entrapment, but unfortunately by that time the De Lorean Motor Company no longer existed.

To this very day, the De Lorean almost has a cult following of fans from all over the world. Many people were amazed by the Back to the Future trilogy, and since the De Lorean was a major part of it, the legend lives on. It is believed that there are still about 6,000 De Loreans in existence. Passionate fans are even able to go to the DeLorean Car Show, which is held twice a year in different locations. Some cast members of the Back to the Future trilogy even show up to these kinds of events. There are even several magazines devoted solely to the De Lorean, such as the DeLorean Car Show Magazine and DW Magazine. With the recent release of the Back to the Future movies on DVD, there has been an increased interest in De Loreans once again, as new fans of the movie can finally see why the De Lorean is loved by so many people from all over the world.

Michael Russell

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Review of "Back to the Future"
By David Terr

"Back to the Future" is one of my favorite sci-fi movies of all time. I have always loved films about time travel, and this is one of the best I have seen. Besides its sci-fi aspect, the movie is quite funny and witty and the acting is very well-done.

"Back to the Future" concerns Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), a typical 17-year-old who enjoys playing the guitar and skateboarding. Marty is friends with Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd), a nutty scientist who has built a time machine out of a DeLorean. One night Dr. Brown demonstrates his time machine to Marty in a nearby shopping mall. He ends up getting tracked down by a group of Libyan terrorists who shoot him. Marty manages to escape in the DeLorean, but inadvertently gets sent back in time 30 years to 1955.

Upon wandering through town and trying to locate Dr. Brown in 1955, Marty inadvertently runs into his father George as a teenager as well as Biff and his gang of thugs, who pick on George. Marty chases his father and ends up pulling him away from the car of the father of Lorraine, his wife to be, getting hit by the car in his place. This causes Lorraine to fall in love with Marty instead of George and endangers his existence, which depends on his parents' falling in love. Thus Marty now has two goals, to make sure his parents fall in love and to get the young Dr. Brown to send him back home to his own time.

Back to the Future - Dave's Top Movies

Back to the Future Part II Movie Review - Starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd
By David Terr 

Back to the Future Part II", though not nearly as great as the original, is still an excellent film. This movie involves more in the way of time travel paradoxes than the original. It also involves travel into the future, as well as the past and to an eerie alternate present. Once again, the chemistry between Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd works quite well and the film is highly entertaining.

"Back to the Future Part II" begins right where the original film ends, with Dr. Emmett Brown returning from the future and telling Marty and his girlfriend Jenny to come with him to 2015 to save their children from trouble. The DeLorean now has a hovercraft converter and a fusion powered engine. As they take off, Biff witnesses the DeLorean flying and disappearing in a streak of fire.

Once in 2015, Doc shows Marty a newspaper headline from the next day, showing the arrest of his son, Marty Jr., who looks just like Marty. Doc tells Marty to go to the Cafe '80s to meet Griff, Biff's grandson, and his gang and tell them that he's out. Marty encounters Griff and his gang as well as Biff as an old man and Marty Jr. in the cafe. Disguised as Marty Jr., he tells Griff he's out. Griff calls him Marty chicken, which always annoys him tremendously. A fight ensues, culminating in a skateboard chase scene very reminiscent of the one from the previous film. Biff witnesses the chase, which culminates with Griff and his gang crashing into City Hall. As a result, the gang is arrested instead of Marty Jr.

With their task completed, Doc makes preparations to return home. They'd hidden Jenny, whom he'd put to sleep because she'd shown too much curiosity about her future self. The police find her on the street, scan her identity, assume she's her older self and take her to her future home. There she encounters the older Marty as well as her daughter and Marty's parents. She also witnesses Marty getting fired. Doc and the younger Marty try to rescue her, but she encounters her older self and both faint.

Before Doc and Marty meet up with Jenny at their future home, Marty had purchased a copy of Gray's Sports Almanac, with results from all the major sporting events from 1950 to 2000, in the hope of being able to win some money by placing bets once he returns to 1985. Once the Doc discovers it, however, he throws it out, telling Marty that he didn't invent the time machine to win at gambling. Biff had overheard this conversation and steals Marty's idea as well as the DeLorean and the almanac and returns to the past. He returns from the past again shortly thereafter, returning the DeLorean to where the Doc had left it, outside Marty's future home.

With all their business in the future complete, the Doc returns with Marty and Jenny to 1985. Once there, however, they discover that everything has changed dramatically for the worse. Marty's neighborhood has gone to pot and his house is now inhabited by a black family. After inadvertently climbing in bed with the daughter, who screams, the father threatens Marty with a baseball bat and makes him leave. Marty wanders back to the center of town to find City Hall replaced with a huge casino owned by Biff. He watches a video about Biff's success story, including how he'd married Marty's mother in 1973. Marty screams and is knocked unconscious by the guards.

Marty is revived by his mother, who now lives in a penthouse at the top of the casino, along with Biff. Marty notices that his mother now has large breast implants. He also witnesses a terrible fight between his mother and Biff. When he asks her the whereabouts of his real father George, she tells him that he's been dead for 12 years and is buried in Oak Park Cemetary. Marty goes to the cemetary to find his father's grave and screams in horror. The Doc finds him there and takes him back to his laboratory.

At the lab, the Doc explains to Marty what's happened. He tells Marty that the old Biff from 2015 had traveled back to the past at some point and handed his younger self Gray's Sports Almanac, which is how the younger Biff had made his fortune. He tells Marty that he must find out the exact circumstances by which Biff obtained the almanac.

Marty confronts Biff and asks him, whence Biff tells Marty that on Nov. 12, 1955, an old man who claimed to be a distant relative had handed him the almanac. He also told him that someday either a kid or a wild-eyed scientist would come looking for the almanac and to kill him in that case, whence Biff now tries to kill Marty. Marty manages to escape from Biff, however, after jumping off the roof of the casino and being rescued by the Doc, hovering in the DeLorean.

Now the two go back to 1955 to get the almanac from the younger Biff. They disguise themselves and seek him out on the morning of November 12. Marty witnesses Biff's older self handing his younger self the almanac in his garage and gets locked in the garage until the younger Biff takes the car out to go to the dance. Marty and the Doc go back to the dance. After a lot of aggravation, Marty finally recovers the almanac from Biff after Biff passes out due to his father George's punch, which knocked him out. However, Biff's gang find Marty onstage singing Johnny B. Goode and go after him. Marty must stop them without being noticed by his other self or his parents in order to avoid a temporal catastrophe.

Outside the dance, Marty encounters Biff, who ends up finding the almanac. Biff punches out Marty and recovers the almanac. Now Marty and the Doc must chase Biff, who's running down the highway. Marty rides his hoverboard, which he'd brought back with him from 2015. Finally, in a tunnel, Marty recovers the Almanac again and Biff once again ends up getting buried under a pile of manure from an oncoming manure hauling truck.

With the almanac in hand, Marty burns the almanac and restores the timeline. The Doc is overhead flying in the DeLorean and gets accidentally struck by lightning. The DeLorean disappears in a whiff of smoke. But shortly thereafter, a Western Union agent comes up to Marty and hands him a letter which had been in his posession for 70 years. The letter turns out to be from the Doc, who had accidentally ended up in 1885. Excitedly, Marty runs back to the younger Doc, right after he'd sent the other Marty back to the future. The younger Doc faints when he encounters Marty.

Back to the Future Movie Shows how to Connect Your Flux Capacitor & Find Your Jiggawat Jackpot
By Cynthia VanLandingham

Annette Moser-Wellman, in her book, The Five Faces of Genius: The Skills to Master Ideas at Work, identifies five creative thinking styles or processes of ideation. The metaphors she uses to describe these creative tools are the Seer, the Observer, the Alchemist, the Fool and the Sage. Wellman shares a story about Albert Einstein to explain the importance of the creative face she calls the Seer.

Seers pay attention to the pictures in their mindís eye. Albert Einsteinís radical, new theory of relativity began as an image he had as a young man when he pondered the picture of someone riding on a wave of light. He wondered, "What would the landscape look like as the person traveled through space?" Einstein paid attention to his new image of space and time. Pondered it. Cherished it. The 1985 Steven Spielberg movie, Back to the Future, is an allegorical story that alludes to Albert Einstein's light-speed vision that occurred in the moments when he was riding in a streetcar and looked back at Bern's clock tower. Einstein had moved to Bern, Switzerland in 1902 at the age of 22 from his hometown in Germany, carrying all his worldly belongings in a single suitcase.

Applying his new theory Einstein decided the clock would appear to him to have stopped, while the watch in his pocket also traveling at the speed of light would continue to run at the same time. This confirmed his idea that time is not the same for all observers when objects approach the speed of light.

Spielberg's movie highlights the Seer's creative ability. As Wellman explains it, the creative genius of the Seer breaks through by staying focused on their image. In Einsteinís case, he allowed himself to stay obsessed with the image of traveling at the speed of light.

Back to the Future both entertains and enlightens. Itís a modern-day parable about the cycle of time and clearing away negativity from the past can lead to a better future. It takes place in the small, modern town of Hill Valley. The Mayor, with the help of the local preservation society, wants to replace the clock in the townís clock tower, which stopped almost 30 years ago when it was hit by lightening. Michael J. Foxís character, Marty McFly, is a Teenager from Hill Valley whose parents are caricatures of low self-esteem. His father is so timid he can barely communicate, and his mother makes herself oblivious with alcohol.

Marty hangs out with a reclusive scientist named Doc Emit Brown, whom his high school principal says Marty should stay away from, or heíll turn out to be a loser just like his father. Doc Brown is conducting a temporal experiment involving sending his dog, Einstein, on a journey through time in the Delorean with a clock attached to his collar. The Delorean is a sports car Brown has turned into a time travel machine. When the Delorean (operated by remote control) reaches the speed of 88 miles per hour it enters hyperspace, and Einstein, the dog, instantaneously becomes the world's first time traveler. One minute later the Delorean returns and amazingly Einsteinís clock hasnít changed! The heart of Docís vision, the Flux Capacitor, is what makes time travel in the Delorean possible. Brown's challenge, however, is that the Delorean needs plutonium to run - or 121 jigawatts of electricity!

Where does he find the needed plutonium? Libyan Nationalists (terrorists) who later shoot Doc Brown because they want their plutonium back! But don't worry, in the story Marty uses a small remaining supply of plutonium to go back in time to save Brown's life by warning him just minutes ahead of time. In doing so Marty returns to an earlier Hill Valley and he meets his parents when they were teenagers. While he's there he intervenes in their lives and changes their future, and thus his own.

After this Marty is able to return to his own time, even though he is out of plutonium, with the help of a younger Doc Brown who harnesses the power of lightening, which Marty knows will hit the Hill Valley Clock Tower at exactly 2 minutes after midnight. This provides enough energy (121 jiggawatts of electricity) to kick-start the Delorean into hyperspace. Finally, Marty returns in triumph to the Hill Valley of the present to find that Doc Brown has been saved by a precautionary, bullet-proof vest and Martyís parents are now confident, successful people.

Doc Brownís creative skill as a Seer and the dream he had thirty years ago made all this possible. He was standing on the edge of the toilet hanging a clock in the bathroom, when he slipped, fell and hit his head on the sink. When he came to, he had a revelation - A Vision: The Flux capacitor, which is the heart of his creative invention and what makes time travel possible. It took him almost 30 years to realize the vision of that day. This happened because, like Albert Einstein, he stayed focused on his image and allowed it to live into the future.

This charming allegorical story is a modern day parable of dreams and the amazing power they have to lead us into the future. Doc Brown dreamed of a kind of heart (The Flux Capacitor) that would allow energy to flow past time barriers! The hidden message here is that we too can choose to open our hearts and minds to a new world of exciting possibilities. Like Marty, this intra-personal connectivity has a way of grounding us and clearing away negativity so we can receive the power of love to breakthrough to our own Jiggawatt Jackpot!

To Learn more about how to expand your window on the world and become a child of creativity and wisdom, read Wonder Guide to Creativity Online and become a member of the Circle of Creativity & Wisdom. It's absolutely F'ree